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Comfort, safety and energy saving are the key topics of our time. The advantages that intelligent automation solutions can offer today, and what we can expect in a not too distant future, are endless. The whole world's attention is on this technology.

With the overpowering advent of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, notebooks), local and remote home monitoring and control is now something everyone wants, and can afford.

Today, the world is finally ready to enjoy the benefits of this technology’s evolution.


We begun in 2000 as an information technology company, then in 2007 we started working on home automation projects, and today we are active on the whole italian territory, with a network of home automation professionals.

Connectiva SasConnectiva Sas is a lean, cutting edge company. The operational structure consists of a team with strong competences in technical, commercial and financial fields.

To date we can count on a network of business partners from northern to southern Italy, and we constantly schedule training courses and develop new strategies to enhance the knowledge and diffusion of wireless home automation systems.

Through the years we have established strong partnerships and direct contacts with the leading international device manufacturers.


TrainingOur mission, in Italy and abroad, is to inform users about the features and functionality of home automation systems, and we do this through an organization of partners that we train and assist, to which we only provide devices that have been thoroughly tested in our laboratories for compatibility and performance. After the training, our partners are able to install and configure wireless home automation systems for their own clients.

We are open to proposals for business cooperation in Italy and abroad, and for the development of new projects.


International partnersConnectiva Sas is actively looking for international partners to engage in new business, bringing mass knowledge of wireless home automation concepts through the brand iDomotica.

New partners should possess the necessary trading and economic capacity, in order to replicate our network of partners throughout their country, adopting our tried and tested training and marketing strategies.

The candidate, in addition to the above requirements, should have a technical and commercial structure to support partners and end customers.


Exclusive licensing for the country Know-How
Brand usage licensing Training
Web application Technical and commercial support


AcquisitionsWhy are the largest technology manufacturers investing in this field?

  • Samsung acquires SmartThings for 200 millions USD;
  • Google acquires Nest for 3.2 billions USD.

Forecasts are positive that the home automation market will double its turnover by 2018, surpassing 71 billion share.

We are confident that home automation is the business of the future to be seized today, and will offer outstanding business opportunities.


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